Mary Moynihan, Artistic Director, Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Human Rights, is a guest speaker at the New Voices of Ireland Series – Annual Meeting Point for Migrant and Culturally Diverse Artists, Monday 17 June 2019, 4pm at Wood Quay Venue, Dublin 8.

Mary is presenting on the innovative work of Smashing Times with reference to Women in an Equal Europe, Women War and Peace and Acting for the Future: Arts for Positive Mental Health and Well Being including our recent work with refugees and the Traveller and Roma community in Ireland, supported by the HSE National Office for Social Inclusion, as well as the expansion of our work across Europe.

Smashing Times are delighted to support the annual event ‘Meeting Point for Migrant and Culturally Diverse Artists’ organised by Centre for Creative Practices on 17, 18 June 2019. For tickets see Eventbrite.

The Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Human Rights is dedicated to the promotion, study and practice of the arts and human rights. Smashing Times is a European non-profit organisation based in Dublin, Ireland, with many years of experience working internationally and using creative processes to promote issue-based work including human rights, equality, positive mental health and well-being and peace and reconciliation work. The company specialises in the creation of performances, films, books, and graphic design materials linking the arts, politics, and civil society, and promoting the inclusion of marginalised or hard to reach groups. The Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Human Rights has set up an online centre and leads a growing transnational network of organisations and individuals willing to work in cooperation to promote the arts and equality issues in society. We currently have over 450 members. The online centre provides networking, training and a digital resource service, sharing successful stories, research, blogs and podcasts in relation to using the arts to promote human rights. We welcome contributions from artists and citizens around the globe.

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